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Puyallup German Auto Repair

Puyallup, WA

German Auto Repair

Kassel Motorsports is a full-service German auto repair shop in Puyallup, WA specializing in service and repair of European makes including VW, Audi, BMW, Mini, Porsche, and Mercedes. As an independent shop we can provide dealership-quality auto repair service at a portion of the cost. Because we specialize in German cars, you’ll save time and money by avoiding misdiagnosis that happens so often at general repair shops. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal and that’s why we perform repair service with precision and skill, getting the job done right the first time.

We are known to be a local alternative to high-priced and high-pressure dealerships. We never try to sell our customers things their car doesn’t need and we help prioritize the service recommendations according to safety first. Your ultimate driving machine should be in capable hands while in the shop. Many local auto shops will give a free estimate but misdiagnose European auto problems, which translate to higher costs for the customer. We charge a diagnostic fee, which may seem strange at first, but it’s because we want to be able to put a full hour into properly diagnosing your vehicle. Because we concentrate on German auto repair, we have specific diagnostic tools for European cars that other shops may not have if they don’t specialize like we do.

Some cars have an infamous reputation for being quite costly to work on and German cars certainly fit the criteria; after all, ordering parts from overseas adds to the cost. At Kassel Motorsports, we aim to be as affordable as possible so you feel confident, secure, and satisfied with the work we do. We want you to come back again for routine service and tell all your friends about your great experience with us. For all your German auto repair needs, the knowledgeable staff at Kassel will get the job done as soon as possible and communicate every step of the way. We know what it feels like to be waiting all day for an update from the shop, so we make it a point to call our customers every day to update them on the status of their vehicle.

The most important thing we try to stress is quality. You are likely to feel comfortable and satisfied with the end result if you make quality a priority from the very start of the process. By no means should you buy the most expensive parts, but we’ll try to give you as many options as possible. It is very common for estimates from different shops to wildly vary in price. You may be given a quote for $500 from one while another is saying $1500 for the same job. Be aware of the differences in parts. Nothing is worse than a shop that uses cheap parts to increase their profit margin. At Kassel Motorsports, we aim to provide the best possible customer service with German auto repair work that not only meets, but also exceeds your expectations.

The right German auto repair shop will give you a sense of comfort, security, and confidence that your vehicle will be well taken care of. We have 5-star reviews on Yelp, Facebook and our website to endorse our confidence. When you’re done checking out the competition, we'll be waiting for your call and happy to help! Contact Us!

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