Puyallup MINI Service and Repair

The “Mini”, a small economical car, was produced by BMC (British Motor Corporation) for roughly 40 years from 1959 to 2000 when it was bought out by BMW with a successor version released in 2001. Most people may not realize this, but the “Cooper” part in the Mini Cooper models comes from a partnership with racing legend John Cooper. Other Mini models include the Morris Mini-Minor, the Countryman, the Clubman, the Moke, the 1275 GT, the Austin Seven, a Coupe (Roadster), and a Paceman. The original Mini cars were two-door, but now you have three-door and five-door. You can also get versions that range in hardtop, hatch, and convertible. Regardless of the type of Mini you own, they are still recommended by many as one of the most economically-efficient cars to date. Maintaining that great reputation is why Mini service is important.

Regardless of how old your Mini is, you should always remain current with maintenance to keep your vehicle at its maximum performance level. There is a recommended Mini service schedule that is designed to do precisely that if followed. Bear in mind there is a time frame difference based on the model and year of vehicle that you have. Your car should indicate to you when it's time for service with a light indicator, but you want to have a general idea to avoid pushing your vehicle's limits and possibly causing a bigger issue to arise.

Don’t ever believe it when a manufacturer says their transmissions don’t need fluid changes. This is a costly optimism that could lead to transmission failure. We recommend a transmission fluid change every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. We also suggest for Minis in particular keeping an eye on the power steering pump, timing chain and water pump. Over the course of your Mini's life, your Mini service schedule should include regular oil changes with extra inspections either at the same time or alternating in between. Keep in mind; you'll want to pay attention to your owner's manual, mileage, and service lights for when you should take in your Mini for servicing.

The most important Mini service item is, like other car makes, oil changes. Without regular oil changes, engine sludge builds up and causes problems. Changing the oil and oil filter are vital to your car’s longevity and performance. During the oil change we also check the brakes, verify all of your lights are working and top off your fluids. During your various inspections it’s good to check your instrument panels, steering functionality, air filter, serpentine belt, oxygen sensor, and spark plugs.

Remember, keeping up to date with your routine maintenance schedule will ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Minis are designed to last a long time with regular maintenance and their maintenance costs are comparable with other performance cars. If you have any questions about Puyallup Mini service or repair, please contact Kassel Motorsports at (253) 864-4955. European and German cars are our specialty and we take great pride in our work!

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