Puyallup BMW Service and Repair

BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) is a German manufacturing company specializing in automobiles, motorcycles, and engines. The company was founded in 1916 and they began producing motorcycles in 1923. The engines the company produces are not only used in cars and bikes, but they make engines for some aircrafts as well. Over the years, BMW has evolved into a leading luxury-automotive company and is still recognized as such. BMW Headquarters is located in Munich, Bavaria in Germany, though the corporation does have one sole plant in the USA – in South Carolina, that primarily manufactures the “X” series. Regardless of the type of BMW you own, they are still recommended to many as one of the most luxurious cars to date, that's why BMW service is important.

Regardless of how old your BMW is, you should always remain current with maintenance to keep the life of your vehicle at its maximum longevity and maximum performance. There is a recommended BMW service schedule that is designed to do precisely that if followed. Bear in mind there is a time frame difference based on the model and year of vehicle that you have. Your car should indicate to you when it's time for service with a light indicator, but you want to have a general idea to avoid pushing your vehicle's limits and possibly causing a bigger issue to arise.

BMW vehicles have three types of service. First is the oil change, second is Inspection I, then Inspection II. Over the course of your BMW's life, your BMW service schedule will look something like this: oil change, Inspection I, oil change, Inspection II, oil change, Inspection I, and so forth. Keep in mind; you'll want to pay attention to your owner's manual, mileage, and service lights for when you should take in your BMW for servicing. This is no more than a guideline to give you a generalized idea.

During the oil change phase, changing the oil and oil filter are the primary tasks. Then you want to check your brake pads & rotors, clean the brake contact points, and check the parking brake. During Inspection I, most of the bigger parts are inspected, such as; transmission fluids, fuel tank and fuel lines, struts and shocks, the exhaust system, engine coolant, verify that all of your lights are working, check your instrument panels, and steering functionality. Inspection II is your air filter, serpentine belt, oxygen sensor, and spark plugs. Keep in mind that each Inspection is in-between oil changes and that Inspection I and II alternate.

Remember, keeping up to date with your BMW service and maintenance schedule will ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. The above list may seem overwhelming, but it's just as important to keep your vehicle inspected and in working order as it is to keep your own body in good shape. If you have any questions about Puyallup BMW service or repair, please contact Kassel Motorsports at (253) 864-4955. European and German cars are our specialty and we take great pride in our work!

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